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Process After Purchase


Procedures to take after an Intent to Purchase by the customer has been confirmed.

1.Upon confirmation of intent to purchase from a customer, Basketdelight will calculate the Total Purchased Price of the Goods.

2. Basketdelight will usually provide the (1) link to the online retailer if the purchase has been transacted from an online shop.

3. Basketdelight will subsequently send you (the customer) an email via Paypal so that you (the customer) can arrange for the payments. It is secured & safe. Personnal banking information is fully protected by PayPal. Basketdelight does not have access to your credit card information at any time .Please refer to the attachment from youtube which will explain the steps to do inorder to ensure payment is completed safely and easily. Do look out from 1:00 minute onwards, this is where PayPal will illustrate how you (the customer) will receive the email & what you will see on the screen when you are transacting the payments .


4. If the Intended purchase is directly from the shop, an receipt if possible or the price tag (depending on the type of purchases ) of the purchase will be sent to you via email for confirmation and reference after the purchase has been completed.

5.We do accept Bank Transfers , however there is a Bank Surcharge at 5000 yen to be bear by the buyer. Please contact us for the details on the Bank number and swift code.

6. Basketdelight will, upon receiving confirmation from PayPal, places the designated / intended order with the retailer/retailers.

7. Basketdelight will advise on shipping status thereafter.

Happy Shopping!

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