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Christmas Shopping? Beauty Products that is a must for all girls – Japan Shopping

Diamond Sport Beau JD6877 2948

The Diamond Spot Beau peels and removes blackheads leaving your skin clean and refreshed.  The peeling head is coated with artificial diamond which removes the old keratin layer on your skin in order to make skin soft while the blackhead remover sucks and removes dirt.

Retail Price : 2948 yen

Domestic Shipping : FREE

*** Price subject to change each time depending on the store. We try to source for the cheapest price available in the market

Power supply: battery-powered (Two AA alkaline batteries ×2 -not included in the package)

Body weight: about 110g

Shipping Weight : 550 gram

Instructions :  Use it after cleansing the face and Usage each time is a few seconds on each spot.

HadaCrie Hot and Cold CM-N10000UF

HandCrie Hot and Cold

Model : CM-N3000 W

Hitachi presents an all in one powerful beauty tool which cleanses, moisturizes and pore minimizes . Upon using the cleansing mode,electric properties will instantly remove the dirt inside the pores while the Micro patting mode pats the skin down and the moisturizing mode steadily moisturizes the skin. Last but not least, the cool esthetic mode wraps up using the cool head placed on the skin and instantly tightens the pores. The Spa effect beautifully completed in the luxury of  your home or your office or while on holidays.

Retail Price : 22,300 yen

Domestic Shipping : FREE

*** Price subject to change each time depending on the store. We try to source for the cheapest price available in the market

Power supply: Alternating-current (AC100 ~ 240V)

Body weight: about 170g

Shipping weight : 1000 gm

Usage : Use after  washing face

Usage time: about 3 minutes to about 18 minutes

For more information , please contact us at

*While stocks last.

*Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.

Above listed price does not include International shipping and handling fee . Contact us at for more detailed charges.

International Shipping applies to each respective country. Below are the EMS charges to different regions of the world. We ship to all countries unless specified otherwise. We also Provide SAL and Surface mail too for more reasonable shipping method.

Do contact us at for more details.

Zone First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
1 2 3 4
Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 300g 900 1,200 1,500 1,700
Up to 500g 1,100 1,500 1,800 2,100
Up to 600g 1,240 1,680 2,000 2,440
Up to 700g 1,380 1,860 2,200 2,780
Up to 800g 1,520 2,040 2,400 3,120
Up to 900g 1,660 2,220 2,600 3,460
Up to 1.0kg 1,800 2,400 2,800 3,800
Up to 1.25kg 2,100 2,800 3,250 4,600


Duty, customs tariffs and VAT are set by the destination country. Please be aware of any duties and taxes in your country and pay them if applicable.

Currency Conversion Table;to=SGD;amt=100b


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