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Meiji Amino Collagen – No. 1 Selling Collagen – Japan Shopping Experience

refill 214gm collagen

As we age, it becomes an uphill struggle to keep our skin fresh, young and supple. In 2012, Meiji Corporation has finally made it affordable for all to have youthful looking skin . Meiji Amino Collagen has since evolved and developed into many product lines. However, the No. 1 selling item is still its original Amino Collagen Powder.  Compared to collagen creams, ingested collagen are better absorbed into the body, thus more efficient in transporting the benefits into the body.

Collagen is a protein, hyaluronic acid is a form of  glycosaminoglycan (mucopolysaccharides). Collagen can be extracted from fish skin or from animals.  In order to retain suppleness , oil is critical in the skin to absorb but eating oily food everyday is not the answer to youthful looking skin. Thus, Collagen supplements becomes the answer to many faithful users in the world.

1 spoonful (about 7g), equivalent to 5000 mg of  low-molecular fish collagen , amino acid (arginine) 450mg, glucosamine 60mg, vitamin C 50mg.

The collagen is neutral in taste itself, thus does not interfere with the taste of food and drink when you add into any of your food and diets. . It melts easily , as a result, it can be used in both Hot and cold beverages or  like coffee, juice, yogurt, and cuisine.

Meiji Amino Collagen for 214 gm is retailing at 1980 yen

*This is Promotional price. Currently, Domestic shipping is FREE.

*Expiry date is more than 6 months old. Some are longer, more than 1 year expiry. Do note expiry dates when you purchase these collagen supplements.

Net Price calculated base on EMS Speedpost .

*EMS  takes about 2 – 5 days lead time to reach respective country. This time varies according to the custom clearance in each respective country . it also includes Tracking system so that you will be able to know where your item is anytime.

  • Singapore , Malaysia & other parts of Asia

4,080 yen  =  about S$52.00

3,460 yen = about S$27.00 shipped by SAL

  • Oceania, North America, Central America and Middle East

4,480  yen = about US$46.00 

  • Europe

 4,780 yen =  about Euro 37

  • South America and Africa

 5,080  yen

*Price is base on currency rate on July 16th 2013

*Price is only valid till 31st July 2013, new handling fees will be revised from 1st August 2013.

*While stocks last.

SAL Shipping is also available. As the quantity purchased increases, the average price will decrease accordingly.


Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltodextrin, vegetable oil, VC, glucosamine, arginine, fragrant、 emulsifiers thickeners (Soy is included)

This is the link to currency exchange;to=EUR;amt=3460

This is the link to the Meiji Official Site

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