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Fleuria Hair Growth Essence

fleuria bottle hair essence 4396

Do you experience hair loss? Do you worry about hair loss? Lions has spent 30 years of research and development producing Fleuria Essence [W Hair Growth Essence]  which serves to increase hair growth and prevent further hair loss. Fleuria is made up from a combination of 4 medicinal active ingredients 

  • 6 – benzylaminopurine (W hair growth component):

Promotes hair growth  by sending “Hair Growth Signal’  which deteriorates caused by aging and at the same time, tt suppresses the increasing “hair loss signal”.

  • Piroctone Min (antioxidants):

Oxidants are one of the causes of hair loss and Piroctone Min prevents oxidation of the sebum and suppresses dandruff itches. 

  •  β-glycyrrhetinic acid (anti-inflammatory component);

It reduces inflammation of the scalp

  • nicotinic acid amide (blood circulation promoting component)

It promotes blood circulation.

These ingredients actively reaches the roots of the hair, thus promoting thick, long and strong hair which does not fall out easily.

Fleuria is made up of 12 different vegetable moisturising extracts

They are  ;  coleus, Okinawa mozuku extract, rosemary extract,  ginger extract (from fresh ginger), perilla extract, soybean extract, angelica extract, dried orange peel, assembly extract, loquat leaf extract, Yuzuekisu .



Push type of nozzles are used in order for easy applications .

Push about 5 times the first time in order for the essence to come out.

How to use

1) Apply on the 3 sections illustrated

2)Hold the Bottle Diagonally and push about twice each time on each respective area

3)Ensure the essence is massaged into each respective area

4)Massage the whole hair area after the essence has been massaged into the hair.


Once a day, twice and each time  to 20 pushes.

For easy reference, take a look at this video illustration.

Pricing base on respective Region:

The shipping method is EMS speed post which includes tracking and Insurance up to 20,000yen coverage.


6,296 yen

Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East 

6,596 yen 


6,896 yen

South America and Africa

7,096 yen

Other cheaper Methods of shipping is available, do not hesitate to contact us at  for more details.  Cheaper shipping will decrease the Prices listed above.
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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