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Vegetable Sharpener – Hot Seller Now

Vege Peeler

Cooking is an art, platting and designing delicious looking food is not an easy task. How to make preparing deliciously looking food less time consuming? Nejicco made it possible.  Have you experience having difficulty slicing , shredding extremely thin slices of root plants like Radish, carrots , potatoes, cucumbers , etc? There is a limit on how one can manipulate with the knife and unless we are professionals, there are almost no chances of us slicing uniform pieces of the vegetables.  Nejicco also made it possible by inventing this new vegetable sharperner which has become very popular in Japan due to its easy to use concept. Nejicco specializes in producing about 30,000 pieces  professional Chinese cooking equipment. However, they began to take interest into researching and producing a safe, high performing and functional equipment which is geared towards household usage. This is the product they came up with. The Nejicco (it means twist and screw in Japanese). With its safety feature, parent child can spend some bonding time in the kitchen cooking up warm and love filled food.

Samples of vegetables using Nejicco;


This is a short clip in Japanese illustrating the features of Nejicco.

Retail Price  2,626 yen w GST

Domestic Shipping :  420 yen

Size : 84 x 108 x 165mm

Weight : 240gm

Material : ABS plastic / stainless steel cutlery / polypropylene

International Shipping fee, Handling/Service fees are applicable. 


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