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Micro Fiber Mop Ball -Mini Robot That Cleans the floor with more agility

Moroco Microfiber Mop Ball


Cleaning the floor with ease and without your hands on the vacuum cleaners. Just let it roll freely.

This year’s newly launched mini spherical robot had been sold out instantly when it was released back in February the 10th . Powered by  3 AA alkaline batteries and the cover clothed in micro-fiber, absorbs hair and dust by rolling around the floor automatically.It cleans the floor and covers more area because of its mini size. As long as there is an allowance of 14cm in height, the ball is able to move with ease into tight corners which a bigger robot may not reach. It also does not require docking, all you need is to get rechargeable batteries which is more eco friendly.  One of the safety feature of this mini robot is, it automatically cuts off in 15mins, so do not worry if you have forgotten to switch it off.  is willing to clean it while rolling around the room and turn on the switch. And that also enters the gap if more than 14 cm in height.  In addition , the cleanseing  of the mini robot allows you to either use a brush to brush it off ir, your may remove the out cloth and wash it with Anti bacteria detergent.

Furthermore, the mini robot mop ball  a 3 built-in sound system, a mechanism which allows you to track and trace the ball when it is cleaning.

Size :

121 (width) × 116 (height) body size, × 121 (depth) mm When it is not covered.


270g, it does not include the batteries.

Delivery Weight :


Colors :

Pink, Orange and Green.

Material :

Mop Material :  polyester, alignment protrusion / EVA

※ heat-resistant temperature / 90 ℃ · cold-resistant temperature / -20 ℃

Made in  China

Power :

3 AA alkaline batteries are sold separately batteries


cleaning brush, mop cover, instruction manual (including warranty)

Built-in timer:

15 minutes auto-off timer

Running time:

about 3 hours (applies to new alkaline batteries )

Retail Price Range : 2,825 yen to 3,980yen

Domestic shipping : 350 yen to 500yen (urgent deliveries)

International Shipping, Handling/Service Fees are applicable. 

A video feature of this amazing mini robot micro fiber mop ball.


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