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Updated July 4th : New pricing for 3M Particulate Respirator 9010, N95

3M 9010 50pc 3300

Air pollutants originated either from the Factories exhaust or the desserts or milling or from the forest or air borne viruses have caused the air we breath in to become hazardous. NIOSH-Approved N95 particulate Filtering facepiece respirators is the most common of the seven types of particulate filtering facepiece respirators. This product filters at least 95% of airborne particles but is not resistant to oil. It is 95% efficient against certain solid and liquid aerosols, however,  time use limitations apply. 3M 9010 model features Cool FlowTM Exhalation Valve, M-nose clip, and conformable face seal.  It protects against : Grinding, sanding sweeping, bagging, general maintenance, demolition, storm clean-up and emergency relief operations.

Due to overwhelming request for the masks, 3M 9010 N95 at 700yen for 20pcs have all been sold out. Another store is selling it at slightly higher price instead.  The prices keep changing due to sold outs. I am sourcing for all possible channels who  are selling at  reasonable prices, thus keep coming back for updates.

Latest Retail price is : 700 yen 

Latest Price : 800 yen

The market has finally caught on the temporary need of these emergency masks. Everyone has increased their price 2, 3 to even 4 or more folds.  At the moment, the cheapest I am able to source in the market right now is as follows

Latest Retail Price :  3,300 yen

Quantity : 50pcs 

Free Domestic Delivery Fee

International delivery: EMS Speedpost (2 – 4 days) up to 300gm is 900yen to Singapore. 

Handling fee: Less than 10,000 yen purchases is 1000yen. 

Illustration of the charges in Singapore dollars

50pcs at 3,300 yen (S$43.00) + handling fee 1000 yen ( S$13.10) + EMS speed post, 1800 yen (S$23.50) = 6,100yen (S$80.00) = S$1.60 per piece

As the quantity increases, cost per piece will reduce accordingly. For 1000 pcs purchased, cost of each mask may cost only S$1.20

*This is base on prevailing exchange rate, it may change but it will not exceed 10% from the price.

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