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Creative Japanese Bentos / Lunchbox

C-BentoArtJapanese bentos are a delight. Japanese mothers spent time and effort every morning creating lovely, creative , artistic lunchboxes for their children and their husbands. Does your child come home with their lunches untouched? Do they come home hungry. Do they enjoy eating their lunches. Efforts are made by Japanese mothers to make lunches fun, anticipating. Each child wonders what their mother prepares for them each day and they appreciate their mother’s effort by finishing their food and bringing home an empty box. That is a mother’s delight.

Check out our facebook to pick up some of these lovely and cute Bento accessories and goods to liven up your lunchboxes today. Make your child and your loved ones smile today .

Prices are as listed, Free Domestic Shipping unless specified special orders. International shipping anc handling/service fee applicable.

2 comments on “Creative Japanese Bentos / Lunchbox

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    • basketdelighttokyo
      May 30, 2013

      Thank you The Lunchbox Museum | Weirdest Museums for linking our article in your blog .

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